A heavy bodied, water based flat latex paint formulated with hollow ceramic microspheres, sound absorbing fillers and resins. Used on interior surfaces including ceilings and walls, plaster, primed metal and wood. The combination of a high loading of the Ceramic Microspheres with their vacuum centers and the absorbent pigment fillers reduces sound transmission and reflection by 30%.

Echo within the room is reduced dramatically. This product is an easy to apply surface coating and an inexpensive solution for reducing sound transmission.

Also ideal for interior ceilings, the very high concentration of insulating ceramics and other pigments adds a high reflective heat barrier to the painted surface. The small texture also helps in hiding surface defects such as drywall joints, dings and dents. It can be tinted to light pastel colors at your local paint store.


Excellent insulating and sound dampening characteristics.

Fast drying

Dampens ringing and tinning noise in metal structures

Environmentally friendly

Soap and Water Cleanup

Able to be painted over

Non toxic

Application: Apply by Brush, Roller or Spray with hopper spray gun


NOTE: Acousti-Coat is far more effective then using our insulating additive in your own paint as it contains not only insulating ceramics but additional sound deadening pigments in a special sound reducing resin.