Benefits of a Professional Energy Inspection

Do you suspect that you’re losing a lot of hot or cold air through your windows or even walls? If you want to know specifics about how energy loss is really affecting your home, then it’s important to contact a professional for an energy inspection. The advantages of doing so include:

1. Finding Hidden Issues

You might be able to feel air escaping from your home by standing next to a drafty door, but what about hidden issues like mold or mildew that are caused from improper ventilation? A professional will find these hidden problems using their expertise and arsenal of tools.

2. Specific Information

A professional will give you a detailed report of all the energy issues in your home specifically. This will give you the information you need to make changes that can ultimately increase your energy savings by decreasing your energy bills!

3. Comfortable Home

When you fix the energy problems within your home, you’ll notice right away how much of an improvement it makes with the temperature indoors. This will be especially noticeable during the winter and summer months when your HVAC system might be working overtime.

4. Saving the Environment

An energy audit can help you contribute to reducing greenhouses gases that are released by your home. This might seem like a small benefit, but it ultimately helps in the long run when it comes to protecting the environment.

5. Increased Resale Value

By having an energy audit and making changes to improve the energy efficiency of your home, you’ll be making a step toward improving your resale value. This is due to the fact that buyers want homes that are affordable to keep up with when it comes to energy bills.