22804d1216682834-cracks-garage-floor-i30[1]Foundation walls are porous in nature. Over time, outside water and moisture can wick through, taking the path of least resistance and causing constant moisture problems. Normally, this porous foundation wall should be coated with a bitumen tar that seals the outside moisture from wicking through. The problem with the tar is that it has a life expectancy and degrades over time. Digging up around the foundation wall to retreat is not an option. Using a waterproof paint sealant, white wash or skim plaster from the inside, will not fix the problem because it does not address the issue, but rather cover it up. This will eventually bubble, blister and peel in the areas where these sections lie, causing a more unsightly problem of white chalky efflorescence to add to the situation.

Efflorescence is a by product of concrete and is not harmful, but will continue to grow or bleed out of the moist section of wall. Eco Energy Guard uses a sealant that penetrates one inch into the concrete or cinderblock wall and then crystallizes to stop the moisture wicking. The efflorescence will continue to wick through upon application, but once fully cured within a couple of days, the efflorescence will stop and can be wiped down with water.