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Dear Bill,

Donna & I want you know how pleased we are with the way you explained the benefits of Eco Energy Guard and its radiant barrier system, and the timely and excellent work that you did in our attic putting the barrier down. Your follow up regarding our satisfaction has been outstanding.

Since you installed Eco Energy Guard in our attic, this winter we compared our new oil bill with last year’s bill for the same time period and the figures show that we are using approximately (1) one gallon of oil less per day.

If you are going to use this letter as a reference let it be known that my home was built in 1978 and is a raised ranch that had some (2) two to (4) four inches of blown insulation in the attic. An energy audit determined that we needed to improve our insulation in the attic. The radiant barrier has done what you said it would and we would highly recommend this product.
John & Donna, Canton, CT

Dear Bill,

I can’t say enough on how effective your insulation is. The difference was immediate after the radiant barrier was installed. Before, I was always adjusting the heat in the winter and still felt chilled. My home now feels much more comfortable all through the house. I noticed my furnace doesn’t turn like it use to and my electricity bill dropped as well after one cycle. I can’t wait till summer to see what it will do for me! I recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you!
Ida, Simsbury, CT


My husband and I are so happy with you and your product. We have a large home and it costs a fortune to keep it at the temperatures we like. We have 9″ of fiberglass insulation and blown in on top of that and we still felt hot. I can’t believe how cool it is now, even in the late afternoon. Its cooler in the house now on an average of 16 degrees and our AC cycles much less during the day. I appreciate your professionalism and the way you treated us.
Nancy, Avon, CT

Dear Bill,

It is snowing, cold and raw outside. Today I am really noticing the difference in the heat in my house. It has been such an unusually mild winter, I couldn’t really tell how well the reflective insulation was working. But today, my house is so warm and toasty and I have the thermostat turned DOWN 2 more degrees. I feel that having my basement ceiling insulated has made a huge difference as well as what you did in the rest of my house. The heat stays constant in the whole house.I am very happy with the results . I feel it was worth every cent I spent. I look forward to see how great it works in the summer heat.

Bill, you have a great product and a great work ethic. You are professional, honest, punctual, neat and above all so very likeable. I thoroughly enjoyed having you working in my home.

Bill, I wish you all the successes you deserve
Bernadette, Avon CT

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the product that was installed in our house. It has made a significant difference. The temperature throughout the house is more consistent. The humidity level is also down. I also noticed that hot water is delivered quicker as a result of wrapping the water heater. Many thanks! We will be back for more jobs in the Fall.
Gail G., Avon CT


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you for introducing me to your product, “Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation.” Sue and I have noticed a real difference in room temperature all over the house. We keep our thermostat relatively low days and nights because we both work and we use a heated mattress pad on our bed at night. We don’t feel the chill through the house we had become accustom to over the years. The house almost feels “Snug.” At night we use to keep the heating pad on the three setting and we have moved that down to number one with more comfort.

You also insulated my garage ceiling with the bubble wrap. The change in floor temperature over the garage is unbelievable. We have carpeting in the bedroom and the rest of the house is hardwood floors. The floor temperature appears constant throughout the house whereas before you installed the ceiling insulation, we could not walk on the floor (or carpet) without feeling the cold.

We are very impressed with the product and also appreciate the professionalism with which you treated us. You have a wonderful product and should find great success in your venture. Please feel free to use us as a personal reference.

Appreciatively yours,
Jim & Sue J., East Hartford, CT

To Whom It May Concern,

I’d just like to express my gratitude to William Brown for the outstanding work he performed on our behalf. Our house has a loft, and the alternating seasons made it unbearable. During the summer the upper quarters were hotter than you know what, and in the winter we froze. After Bill came in and insulated our attic, the improvement was instantaneous and dramatic. Despite the arctic conditions outside, our loft is now as warm as the rest of the house. Furthermore, Bill did such a neat and tidy job, I’m amazed at how clean the attic now looks. Outstanding!

We’re so pleased with how the attic turned out that we’ve asked Bill to work his same magic on our garage, and I’ve no doubt that the improvement will be just as gratifying. I’m very picky when it comes to work on our home, but I can honestly state that Bill is one of the best craftsmen we’ve ever relied upon for assistance. If you’re looking for quality workmanship at a reasonable price, then you’ll do no better than contacting Bill Brown for all of your insulation needs.
Frank, Tolland, CT

Eco Energy Guard is an amazing product. I didn’t realize how much energy was being used to heat and cool my house until this insulation was installed. I actually thought my AC had broken because it wasn’t running at all for most of the day – because it didn’t need to! My first electricity bill was $60 less than normal. Bill also removed all the old fiberglass insulation (that many generations of mice had made their home), filled up some obvious holes and installed radiant barrier foil insulation. The basement now looks and feels cleaner and mice hate this product so have gone elsewhere! Overall, the temperature in our home, both upstairs and down, is more consistent and energy use is much less than before we had Eco Energy Guard installed. Bill also insulated the hot water tank so we are just saving energy and money all around!
Helen, Avon, CT

Eco Energy Guards radiant barrier does what it says. Before the insulation was in, the heat on the second floor would hit me in the face as I walked up the stairs. My AC was running non-stop and still didn’t cool my house. Now, there is only a 1 to 2 degree difference between the first and second floor and the AC doesn’t cycle like it use to all day during the afternoon. Thank you Bill. Your company and service is tops!
Richard, Tarrifville, CT

Great Work at Great Prices!

A Conscientious, professional workman.Bill Brown fulfilled his contract ahead of schedule and with precision and commitment to excellence.

Would highly recommend.Bill Brown was a total professional in presentation.Work and schedule was done promptly and correctly as agreed. Bill was personally involved in all aspects of the job.

Bill Brown was very courteous and his presentation of radiant barrier attic insulation was professional and convincing.