atticat CelluloseEvery home is different. Not every home requires or warrants the same type of insulation. It all depends with what the homeowner uses the attic for, whether storage, plywooded sections, AC systems, etc… For homes that would benefit from it, we offer Owens Corning Atticat blown-in insulation for projects requiring this type of application. Atticat expands to 17x its size creating millions of tiny air pockets giving it’s insulating power. It will never settle over time and remains the R value that you paid for unlike other blown in types.
There is no dust and no smell. It is the perfect material for hard to reach or problematic areas. It fills gaps and voids and creates a seamless thermal blanket that reduces air infiltration and provides superior sound control.

• Blown into attics or sidewalls
• Can be applied over any existing insulation
• Fills gaps and voids, creating a seamless thermal blanket of protection
• Fire-resistant
• Formaldehyde-free and made from 85% recycled material
• Reduces noise
• Energy Star compliant