Skylight Tubes

Clean natural daylight anywhere you want it

  • Clean, natural light: The Skylight Tube will enable you to switch off electric lights during the daytime, saving electricity and money while reducing your overall carbon footprint.
  • Clean natural daylight anywhere you want it: Our line of Spectrum Skylight Tubes provide an abundance of clean, natural light comparable to full-size skylights but without the expense and installation challenges that come with traditional skylights and roof windows.
  • Exclusive, industry first, patented ventilation kit – add or remove ventilation feature in only seconds! With its elegant design, the Spectrum series will allow you to easily enable the ventilation option and just as easily disable it to create an air-tight non-ventilating, daylighting-only Skylight Tube.
  • Keep rain and snow out while keeping heat in: The thoughtfully engineered Spectrum series is designed to withstand most
    weather conditions. Even with the ventilation tabs installed on your roof
    dome, you can be confident that your Skylight Tube is weather-resistant in
    most rain, snow, and hail conditions.