Radiant Barrier is an insulation material that reflects heat entering or leaving a home, building and other applications. All of the HVAC systems you see today use this technology. Heat gravitates toward cold, but instead of absorbing heat and delaying this process like traditional foam or fiberglass, that has an Rvalue, Radiant Barrier reflects 95-97% heat back to its source.

Radiant Barrier’s effectiveness is not measured by R-value like traditional insulation. R-value measures how long it takes heat to transfer through a material or insulation. Radiant Barrier’s effectiveness is measured by reflectivity. Radiant Barrier reflects 95 to 97 percent of the radiant heat back to its source.

Super R

Radiant Barrier is a perforated, breathable and tear resistant reflective foil. Recommended for attics, house wrap and many applications. Please review “Uses” on next page.


A Reflective double “Bubble” double foil Insulation. Recommended for metal buildings, walls, basements, crawl spaces and more. Non perforated, gives excellent vapor retarder properties. Unaffected by moisture, insects, rodents. Class ‘A’ fire rating. Also comes in Foil/White for a non metallic side facing out.