Features & Details
Comes in four models:
  • 30W pulls up to 2500 ft.² and has a tiltable panel commercial grade.
  • 25W pulls up to 2200 ft.² and has a tiltable panel commercial grade.
  • 20W pulls up to 1800 ft.² low profile design panel does not tilt commercial grade
  • 20W Gable Fan pulls up to 1800 ft.² and has a 20 foot solar panel extension commercial grade.
Has the latest noise dampening technology.
Comes with a humidistat and thermostat pre-installed.
The attic fan has a powerful quiet brushless 24 V DC motor.
Heavy duty powder coated steel housing, steel mesh and poly vinyl quiet blades.
Lifetime Warranty on Parts
1yr Warranty on Labor
Made in USA

Reduces heat build up & energy costs
The Remington solar attic fan is an American designed fan that has been engineered to quickly reduce attic temperatures and remove moisture during the winter. Up to 43% of an air conditioning design load is predicated on high attic temperatures radiating into the home’s interior and into air conditioning ducting located in the attic.

Pays for itself quickly
Extends the roof life up to 10%. Eligible for a 305 federal tax credit. Saves energy costs.

Severe weather tested – 150+ mph winds
Professional grade resists hail, water, snow and wind. Texas windstorm certified. Taxes Department of Approval.

Replace turbines, static vents or electric fans
The Solar Attic Fan is more effective than turbine and static ventilation systems. The Solar Attic Fan provides whisper quiet operation as opposed to disruptive, noisy electric fans.

Removes moisture – reducing mold and mildew
Average of 28 gallons of moisture can be absorbed into the building materials of a typical attic throughout the winter to be released as water vapor in the spring.

HERS (Home Energy Rating System)
Improve a home’s HERS index by up to 4 points with the Solar Attic Fan – one of the top five most cost effective ways to improve the HERS rating.

No risk of attic depressurization 
Unlike electric powered fans, the Solar Powered Attic Fan has a variable speed motor and the fan blades will simply slow down if there is a lack of intake air instead of causing negative attic pressure.

Solar Controller

Have complete control over your fan by having it run during the evening hours on house power for pennies.

WIFI Smart Thermostat/ Humidistat

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat / Humidistat for Remington Solar attic fans is a revolutionary product (new for 2019) from Remington Solar that allows your smart phone to control thermostat and humidistat settings on their solar attic fan. Using your phone, you can adjust at what temperature and humidity you want the fan to activate. You can also turn your fan on or off.

Download the “SolaCom” app from iTunes or the Google Play store. Comes with a smart Wi-Fi hub that plugs into your home router.

Low voltage and safe to use. Works only with Remington Solar attic fans.

  • Perfect complementary or alternative product to the Solar Powered Attic Fan
  • Perfect for tile, wood shake and metal roofs
  • Works great in crawlspaces, sheds and garages also!
  • Turn any static vent into an active ventilation system.
  • Compatible with Solar Controller